Other Resources

Māori Boy Atheist by Eru Hiko-Tahuri

Now available in English, Māori, or French for $10 including postage within New Zealand.

Please e-mail: admin@nzarh.org.nz with your postal address.


The Open Society Journal Previous Issues

The Open Society is a rationalist journal which has quarterly releases. It has existed in one form or another since 1927.

Humanist Society of New Zealand

The HSNZ (Inc.) is an organisation that promotes Humanist philosophy and ideals.

Hawkes Bay Freethinkers

c/- Robyn Church, secretary
2 Millar Street, Napier

Northland Freethinkers

c/- Ian Score
6 Edge Street, Onerahi, Whangarei

SARS Otago

Otago Society of Atheists, Rationalists & Skeptics: SARS is dedicated to advancing rational, scientific thought and challenging outdated concepts of religion and pseudo-science. We facilitate discussions to propagate reason and critical thinking. We aim to meet monthly where we discuss stimulating concepts, current events, and anything else that holds our interest.

Email: sars.otago@gmail.com

New Zealand Skeptics

The NZ Skeptics is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the dangers and inanities of pseudoscience and bogus paranormal claims.


The Completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast – A Skeptical Podcast brought to you from the bottom of the planet that’s jam-packed with really interesting, random, (mostly) skeptical content with a distinctly unique Kiwi flavour.

Silly Beliefs

From scams, cons and quackery to superstition, blind faith and self-delusion, many New Zealanders have been duped into buying products that don’t work (and could never work), and following beliefs that make no sense. The Silly Beliefs website is an attempt to turn the tide.

Amnesty International

AI campaigns for the release of people imprisoned for their beliefs or identity who have not used or advocated violence (prisoners of conscience), fair trials for political prisoners, and an end to torture, “disappearances” and killings.

Kiwi Can Charitable Trust

Kiwi Can is a life-skills and values programme for New Zealand schoolchildren.

Philosophy for Children Association of New Zealand

“P4C” is a programme for schoolchildren that aims to improve children’s thinking through class discussion on philosophical issues.

Steve Cooper

The life and philosophy of the Steve Cooper (1915-2009) who was a life member of the NZARH.

Voluntary Euthanasia Society (NZ)

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society of New Zealand wants to change the law to allow terminally ill patients, or those whose quality of life has diminished to an unacceptable extent, the right to a peaceful death with dignity at a time of their own choosing.

New Zealand Republic

Our policy statement is our principle document defining what we’re campaigning for. The fundamental questions of the decision to become a republic, the type of republic, how the head of State will be elected and the powers of the head of state should all be decided at a referendums.

Secular Education Network

We are a coalition of parents ranging from Christians to Atheists and Hindus (and more) who respect others enough within our multicultural society to recognise that our children deserve better than what amounts to indoctrination. Why should a school board be able to choose one religion for their community? Join us and help remove the loophole that’s dividing our children.

Concordat Watch

The pictures on Concordat Watch are meant to be illustrations, not documents. (For example, distractions may have been removed, such as traffic signs in front of a mediaeval cathedral.) However, the text is meant to be strictly factual and also transparent, so that the source of a statement can generally be checked with a single click to a reputable site.