This web site is operated by The New Zealand Association of Rationalists & Humanists Inc. It is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to serve the interests of the non-religious; those who do not have a belief in gods or the supernatural.

  • stands up for the rights of the non-religious
  • presents submissions on topics relevant to the Association
  • provides a place and opportunities for non-religious people to socialise
  • highlights and discusses issues of interest
  • provides educational material

Rationalism & Humanism

For many the two terms that identify our Association may need explanation:

A rationalist believes that knowledge and truth are ascertained by using reason and logic, and not by divine or supernatural revelation.

A humanist believes in the advancement of humanity by its own efforts and rejects that there is any power or moral value superior to that of humanity.

While the term atheist conveys meaning with more people (but is often misinterpreted – see FAQ) than rationalist and humanist, it is only stating a lack of a belief. Our members do believe in something. They believe that the world can be understood in terms of natural processes and that as we only have this life it is important that we we treat each other with respect and this is best achieved in an open and tolerant society.

Our members may identify themselves as being an atheist, agnostic, freethinker, heathen, infidel, bright, or choose not to associate themselves with any of these labels.

Objects of the Association

The objects for which the NZARH is established and those applying for membership must agree with are:

  • To advocate a rational, humane, and secular view of life without reference to supernatural agencies and which is compatible with the scientific method.
  • To promote a tolerant, responsible, and open society.
  • To encourage open-minded enquiry into matters relevant to human co-existence and well-being.