We are a not-for-profit organisation which exists to serve the interests of the non-religious; those who do not have a belief in gods or the supernatural.

What we Believe


“How should we live?” is a question that both secular and religious philosophers have provided many different answers to. Members of the NZARH believe that this question is best answered by a secular humanist approach.


The NZARH strongly believes that government should be secular; that is dealing with the issues of this world rather than following a religious agenda.


A rationalist believes that knowledge and truth are ascertained by using reason and logic, and not by divine or supernatural revelation.

What we Do


We stand up for the rights of the non-religious


We present submissions to parliament from a secular perspective


We provide a place and opportunities for likeminded non-believers to socialise


We highlight and discuss issues of interest


We provide educational material

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Latest News




Rationalist lay complaint with United Nations over Human Rights Commission

The Rationalists have laid a complaint with the United Nations over the failure of the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Tribunal to address systemic discrimination on the basis of religion in New Zealand state primary schools.

Rationalists Condemn Christian Privilege

It has been reported that the Celebration Church of Wellington will conduct a protest against the decision to exclude Jesus from Parliament’s opening prayer tomorrow on the opening day of Parliament. We condemn their presumption of special rights. We are all too familiar with the privileged place Christianity has held, even in the face of the Human Rights Act.

Christians Petition Hipkins

The Secular Education Network is now facing a reaction from fanatical evangelicals who want to maintain their privileged access to vulnerable children. In a plea to petition Chris Hipkins they say Please sign this petition to support the continued right to Religious...

Jesus kicked out of house

Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard has modified the parliamentary prayer, initially removing both the Queen and Jesus Christ. After pressure from National he reinstated a reference to the Queen, but mention of Jesus Christ is still excluded. The New Zealand...

Dying to Choose

When terminal illness robs people of a long and happy future, leaving them only with the ashes of suffering and decline, who would say that we should refuse to end their suffering should they openly request it? Those that propose we deny people the right to choose an...