We are a not-for-profit organisation which exists to serve the interests of the non-religious; those who do not have a belief in gods or the supernatural.

What we Believe


“How should we live?” is a question that both secular and religious philosophers have provided many different answers to. Members of the NZARH believe that this question is best answered by a secular humanist approach.


The NZARH strongly believes that government should be secular; that is dealing with the issues of this world rather than following a religious agenda.


A rationalist believes that knowledge and truth are ascertained by using reason and logic, and not by divine or supernatural revelation.

What we Do


We stand up for the rights of the non-religious


We present submissions to parliament from a secular perspective


We provide a place and opportunities for likeminded non-believers to socialise


We highlight and discuss issues of interest


We provide educational material

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Dying to Choose

When terminal illness robs people of a long and happy future, leaving them only with the ashes of suffering and decline, who would say that we should refuse to end their suffering should they openly request it? Those that propose we deny people the right to choose an...
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Humanist Manifesto: Stop Government support of unproven and ineffective medicines

As people of reason we believe that the Government should not support, endorse or fund treatments that have not been proven to work or have been proved not to work. Claimed treatments like homeopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture should not receive funding or any kind...
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Humanist Manifesto: End Tax Advantages for Religion.

We seek repeal of promoting religion as a charitable purpose under the Charities Act. We believe the charities act is being used as a means of avoiding taxation by religious organisations that do not conduct programs of social benefit or education beyond self...
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Remove abortion from the Crimes Act

Currently abortion is a crime under the Crimes Act. We strongly oppose abortion being a crime. We believe it should be removed from the Crime Act. Currently in order to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks a woman must get statements from two medical professionals that...
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Humanist Manifesto: Eliminate Religious Indoctrination in State Schools

We strongly support repeal of the sections of the Education Act which support religious indoctrination in state schools. We believe these provisions allow school boards to discriminate against children in their schools on the basis of belief. It serves to alienate...
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