NZ Census 2023 will ask “what is your religion?”

To be counted correctly as non-religious, tick “no religion” and leave the religion details box BLANK


It’s important that you take time to answer this question honestly:

Census data is used by members of parliament, government, and many other organisations to inform a wide range of important decisions like the amount of public funding religious organisations receive, to the voice and influence religion is given in public affairs and media.

The next New Zealand Census will be held on Tuesday 7 March 2023 and we need it to accurately reflect what New Zealanders truly believe.

So, when you come to the question on religion, this is your chance to think carefully and decide whether you still see yourself as religious.

If you don’t see yourself as religious anymore, tick ‘No Religion’


Are you still religious?

This census, you’ll be asked whether you hold religious beliefs, and it’s an important chance for you to think carefully about whether you still do.

If you’re no longer religious, mark ‘No Religion’ in the census

Not religious? Tick “No Religion”

& leave the religion details box blank


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