The NZARH Scholarship

The NZARH has discontinued the NZARH Scholarship, as the monetary value was not sufficient to attract a number of high quality applicants. There were also limitations in the Scholarship that may need to be reviewed.  We have decided to terminate the NZARH Scholarship for the time being. We will be re-evaluating introduction of a new Scholarship at a future date.

The main purpose of the Scholarship is to promote open-minded inquiry in any field. Objectivity, innovation, critical thinking, and use of the scientific method as a tool for investigation are aspects of enquiry particularly valued by Rationalists and Humanists.

For further details download the Scholarship Application Form (PDF format).

Past Winners of the NZARH Scholarship

2013: Zachary Arden, Biological Sciences
2010: Velimir Gayevskiy, Biological Sciences
2009: Francesca Fogarty, Health Psychology
2008: Octavia Cade, Science Communication
2007: Caroline Rose, Molecular Biology
2006: Robert Ross, Psychology
2005: Nicole Tung, Forensics
2004: Lyn Collie, Creative & Performing Arts
2003: Julie Ma, Audiology
2002: Carina Chan, Health Psychology
2001: Claire Thoms, Development Studies
2000: Konsta Düsing, Biological Sciences

Until 2005 the NZARH Scholarship was only offered to students of the University of Auckland.