Mr B writes:

As you’re closed off to the role of a supernatural God, I’m naturally incredulous at the ironic irrationality that is inherent in your self regarding claim to be rational humans. What proof can you put forward that you’re rational?

As plant life gives rise to plant life and animal life gives rise to animal life what proof can you put forward that from irrational non life you’ve somehow developed into a rational life? Therefore to abide by your woolly thinking I’m required to buy into your supposed rationality even though it’s is underpinned by an irrational cause.

I’ve never come across something so ridiculous and irrational in my whole life! I’m astounded at your membership’s blind faith and the hollow audacity to try and deceive the public. However I can see through your bogus boloney and you can’t fool me.

Our Response

The subject of exactly how life started, or Abiogenesis, is a difficult one. Nobody can say with absolute certainty how life became established on earth, or whether life originated here or was transplanted from somewhere else in the universe. As Richard Feynman said, “I’m not afraid of not knowing things”. We can however be sure about the development of life afterwards. The story of the evolution of life isn’t even disputed by Christian Evangelist Pat Robertson, although he includes the concept of divine guidance.

Our claim is that we are ‘Rationalists’ is a statement about our philosophical point of view. That point of view holds that we base our beliefs on reason and evidence rather than faith. This is not to say we know everything, but we do withhold judgement on that we do not have evidence for. In terms of belief in supernatural deities we withhold belief until evidence is furnished. The exclusion of supernatural explanations is more a consequence of these positive foundational philosophical principles than any concern about the truth of supernatural claims.

Please feel free if you prefer to continue in your faith. While we would prefer people to embrace our philosophy of reason and evidence you are welcome to exercise your freedom of belief. However, we ask for the same respect in return. We would prefer that the religious would not ask for special tax breaks, special schools and special rights just because they are religious. Its just about being fair.